Up to 2.7 umol/J
Passive heat disipation
Foldable design

Slim, shadowless and high efficiency LED fixture.

Plank is a game-changer LED lamp for vertical farmings, grow rooms, industrial cannabis and research applications.

Flexible design to install in laboratory and biotech applications, based on our custom spectrum

Main features

  • Custom spectrum for vegetative and flowering stages
  • Bigger bean angle for best light distribution, shadowless
  • Deattached driver, less heat and better air movement
  • 100% designed and manufctured in Spain
  • More than 4 years of experience in LED horticulture
Plank sizing and power will push your yields up to 1100gr per lamp. Our european manufacturing and cannabis consulting help our customers to create an state of art about in their grow rooms. Up to 4 years of experience developing the best light receipts about quantitative (PPFD) and qualitative (spectrum) is our best card.

Optional Hanging Hooks

Steel wire


Precise and uniform lighting for cannabis growers

We have 2 powers available:
630W with 1770 umoles/sm2 to cover a canopy of 4'x4' foots

The best spectrum available for Amnesia

We have designed and tested up to 15 spectrums before to release the best configuration for Amnesia. No matter if you love foxtail or nugget buds, our spectrum is designed to enhance your yields with an uniform mass production

Foldable and Plug & Play design

Total weight 8.5kg
Sizing 1100 x 1000 mm

Customize the fixture to your appliances

Ask for tailor made wires or extra connectors

CE, RoSH and UL complain