240W for massive yields
The only one with UV + 660nm + 730nm spectrum included
Flowering canopy 3x2ft

Quantum Board of 240W for cannabis growers


Nagasaki is the lastest LED fixture for cannabis enthusiastic designed for home growers, designed for grow tents up 3x2ft this is the best option for growers searching high quality flowers without investing a ton of money.

The Quantum Board (QB) format is succeeding for the self-consumption growers. Our fixture Nagasaki is one of the most complete LED lamp in terms of spectrum, it’s power of 240w with his built-in dimmer that allows us to adequately cover a footprint of 80x60cm.

Unique spectrum on the market – MADE IN SPAIN

The spectrum has 6 different wavelengths, combining three temperature colors on the whites LED (2700K, 4000K and 6500K), as well as Deep Red (660nm), Far Red (730nm) and Ultraviolets (405 nm).

With this recipe we are able to reach the best yields due to the Emerson effect, while we enhance the cannabinoids and terpenes profiles in our plants.

In addition, it’s 100% product designed and manufactured in Spain. Nagasaki is already available in the best distributors and grow shop of Spain

240W full spectrum for vegetative and flowering stages

Enhance your yields with Emerson effect and push your cannanioids with UV light

Slim design 570 x 340 x 80mm and just 2kg

Dimming 0-10V included

UL and CE complain