Voltage 220-240 V
PPF 1.700 μmol/W
Efficiency 2.7 μmol/J
IP65 Resistance
Working temperature 20-30°C
Certificates CE, RoSH

High performance,improved efficiency

High Performance Spectrum. Optimize your crops up to 30% due to high PPF with CO2 injection.

Up to 1.5 gr/W with our shadowless fixtures to get a deep and homogeneous canopy.

Up to 1.700 μmoles/s

Shadowless, deeper canopy penetration

40% more efficient compared to traditional discharge lamps (equivalent to 1000W HPS)

Designed for 2×2 m²

Power 630 W
Voltage 220-240 V
Input Current 2,7 A
Efficiency 2,7 μmol/J
PPF 1.700 μmol/s
Bean angle 120°
Resistance IP65
Working temperature 20 - 30°
Cooling Pasiva
Weight 12kg
Sizing L1170 x W100 x H80 mm
Connector Schuko a IEC 1,5 M
Certificates CE, RoSH

Red 31,13%
Far red 4,35%
Blue 8,69%
UV 5%
Green 50,84%