Up to 2,1 umol/W
Available from 300W - 450W - 600W
Minimal heat produced
SteelGlass design

Alto rendimiento, eficacia mejorada

High performance,improved efficiency

Espectro de alto rendimiento. Optimiza tus cultivos hasta un 30% debido al alto PPF mediente inyeccion de CO2.

High Performance Spectrum. Optimize your crops up to 30% due to high PPF with CO2 injection.

Consigue hasta 1.5 gr/W con nuestras lamparas sin sombras, consigue una canopia mas profunda y frondosa.

Upto 1.5 gr/W with our shadowless fixtures to get a deep and homogeneous canopy.

Hasta 1.700 μmoIes/s

Up to 1.700 μmoles/s

Sin sombras, mejor penetracion luminica

Shadowless, deeper canopy penetration

40% mas eficiente frente a Iâmparas de descargatradicionales (equivalente a 1000W HPS)

40% more efficient compared to traditional discharge lamps (equivalent to 1000W HPS)

Diseñado para cubrir 1,2 x 1,2 m²

Designed for 1,2 x 1,2 sqm

300W Hybrid spectrum 60x60cm
450W Hybrid spectrum 60x60cm
450W Hybrid spectrum 85x85cm
600W Hybrid spectrum 85x85cm


Size / Weight

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Nominal Supply Voltage (VAC) – 230:

Model BL120 – up to 16 bars in a single chain

Luminaires come with 0,3 m / 1′ cables on each end. A range of extension cords available.